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YES TO LNG NOW: Stop Being Climate Idiots for Putin.

Will you join JAMES in signing?

Our vision and mission is to see humanity flourish with universal rural electrification.

The purpose of our society is to support policies that will improve energy security for the millions in rural communities living off the grid.

The most devastating environmental tragedy today according to WHO and recent Economist International
article is death and injury for millions annually from house hold air pollution smoke.

Suzanne Anton

Former AG to BC

Suzanne Anton, QC, is a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of British Columbia and a former Vancouver City Councillor

Suzanne Anton

Former AG to BC

Former Chair of the Vancouver Stock Exchange, Governor of the University of British Columbia, as Chair of the Vancouver Crisis Centre, and as Vice President of the YWCA.

James Matkin


James G. (Jim) Matkin, Q.C. Internationally known Vancouver lawyer for his work in public policy and conflict resolution. Former Director Bank Of Canada.

Suzanne Anton

Former AG to BC

“Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason

Canadian teenagers are encouraged by foreign organizations to get arrested in support of foreign interests.

Arrest is no laughing matter. Perhaps few if any of the arrests led to charges, but there is no guarantee of that. Criminal convictions can carry lifelong consequences. As a parent, I would have been horrified to think that my teenage children were being encouraged by foreign organizations to get themselves arrested in support of foreign campaigns to suit foreign interests.

And how significant is that foreign interest? The question is now much more in the public debate, due to work by journalists such as the Financial Post’s Claudia Cattaneo; politicians such as Ellis Ross, formerly chief councillor of the Haisla Nation and now a Liberal MLA; researchers such as Vivian Krause; and information organizations such as Resource Works.

World Bank Document/IEA

With respect to electricity, the global access deficit amounts to 1.2 billion people. Close to 85 percent of those who live without electricity (the “nonelectrified population”) live in rural areas, and 87 percent are geographically concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (figure O.2). For cooking, the access deficit amounts to 2.8 billion people who primarily rely on solid fuels. About 78 percent of that population lives in rural areas, and 96 percent are geographically concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and South-Eastern Asia.

Household smoke may be the world’s deadliest environmental hazard

Global campaigns have failed to change how poor people heat their food

“The awful effects of these fires begin with their impact on human health. Household smoke is thought to be the world’s most lethal environmental problem, killing 2.6m people a year. Where wood and charcoal are burned, trees often disappear. Africa loses some 0.5% of its forests every year, a higher rate of destruction than South America’s”

Economist International Journal

April 2018

Friso Sikkema

Energy Specialist. “Worked in renewable energy for 15 years, noticed they were going nowhere.” Quora

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry & Energy (physics), Radboud University Nijmegen

“Imagine that the refrigerator turns off during the night. Imagine that the light fixture doesn’t work when they need it most. This is completely unacceptable.

“So here’s the thing – the power that cools their food is almost certainly coal derived, and this is because only fully developed grids can accommodate solar power. If you try to do solar as a stand-alone option, at night there simply is no power. Batteries to store some power are ridiculously expensive, and last only a few years.

Coal is cheap, plentiful and as a result, coal fired power plants are being built at a huge pace (hundreds of them), and rightfully so. It is immoral to deny developing countries the same (actually, just a fraction) of energy use that the developed world does.”


Donations will be used to advance two energy poverty projects today.

To undo the unfair, hypocritical and immoral G7 blocking of financing of new coal fired electricity in Africa.   We will undertake a world wide qualitative survey.  The survey respondents will be  scientists, community leaders, scholars and religious leaders who will  offer  public statements on the issue. 

To increase public awareness of the harm and tragedy imposed on at least the 600 million living off grid in Africa we will manage an information website called RELIABLE GRID ENERGY POLICY RESEARCH. This website will include quantitative survey research and the results about the challenges of extending rural electrification and will be shared with political leaders around the world.

We carry out these current energy projects by CREATING A MORE INFORMED PUBLIC through research, education, policy briefs, public forums, pod casts and advocacy, with particular urgency for rural electrification and reliable energy power sources from COAL AND OTHER FOSSIL FUELS and NUCLEAR POWER.

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